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Illusion of Gaia - Mt. Temple Kress

Illusion of Gaia - Mt. Temple Kress

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Mt. Kress. A confusing maze of spiders, spirits, and skulls. So much death and chaos, to find a teapot. A teapot, that in return to Neil's parents, also reveals more death has come to pass. Here is your victory cube... take it, and let us leave Neil alone with his thoughts.

- Each order also comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and care instructions for your cube!

✨ I try and let these cubes speak for themselves, but sometimes photos don't do justice. I sometimes take liberties to recreating or making unique scenes from video game history. You should view them straight on or at an angle. If you do look at it from a behind view for some reason, you'll find the sprites to be double sided! I try to not lose the illusion with just one sided characters. Consider it my personal touch! ^_^

✪ Cube Measurements:
3.25 x 3.25 x 3.25 inches
(9cm x 9cm x 9cm)

✪✪ Each one is made to order and can take up to two weeks from your order date before it is shipped.

✪✪✪ Cubes might have low impact scratches or damages that do NOT interfere with the image in a significant way. It is the nature of the cubes. When ordering them I discard the ones I personally would not sell to you and use them for for my own trial runs.

Materials: Card Stock, Acrylic Cube
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