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Runescape Cape Fishing

Runescape Cape Fishing

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First, congrats on level 99 Fishing! You did it! Or maybe this is for someone who did? Either way, 99 is a big deal.

Here we have the trimmed cape, with the level 99 message on the front. I have surrounded this pedestal with icons that celebrate the skill.

In this case, let us start with the background. The Skill Master that hands you your cape, in front of arguably the best fish in the game, a shark! Next we have the center pedestal. The cape is rising out of the waters, as if it was a fishing spot itself! The circle is designed to look like wood of the docks you fish on. Out from that, we have the map of the Fishing Guild extending outward! It almost looks like the guild itself is what is filling the water the cape is coming out of. +7 bonus! Next on the left side we have the Angler Set, and on the opposite side several pieces of your journey. From the various fishing tools you use, to the fish you know all so well, that wraps up this beautiful cube.

- Each order also comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and care instructions for your cube!

✨ I try and let these cubes speak for themselves, but sometimes photos don't do justice. I sometimes take liberties to recreating or making unique scenes from video game history. You should view them straight on or at an angle. If you do look at it from a behind view for some reason, you'll find the sprites to be double sided! I try to not lose the illusion with just one sided characters. Consider it my personal touch! ^_^

✪ Cube Measurements:
3 x 3 x 3 inches

✪✪ Each one is made to order and can take up to two weeks from your order date before it is shipped.

✪✪✪ Cubes might have low impact scratches or damages that do NOT interfere with the image in a significant way. It is the nature of the cubes. When ordering them I discard the ones I personally would not sell to you and use them for for my own trial runs.

Materials: Card Stock, Acrylic Cube
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